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Removing the Blocks to Achieving the Health, Wealth and Happiness You Deserve

 Cathy Chapman

Sometimes the troubles of life seem to get in the way of living.

You think things are going to come together for you ... and something unexpected steps in the way.

Sometimes things happen you can't control ... a massive layoff ... a car running a red light.

Other times you are right there, getting ready to grab the golden ring when you do something stupid ... like missing a deadline. My step-father used to call it "Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory."

That which has always seemed normal may be causing all the problems. 

The events of the past can get in the way of your present and future.

It began before you were 5 years old

You imprinted rules or beliefs about life before you were 5 years old. These beliefs, taught by your parents and others who cared for you, control how you see the world.

Your beliefs train what you will see. If you "know" that people are always out to get you, you'll miss the hand extended to give you a lift.

Your beliefs, your way of looking at the world, are so much a part of you, you don't realize they are there and, more importantly, can be changed. 

If you've ever been in therapy, you know what a struggle it can be sorting through and making sense of the pain. You take wounding events and look at from every angle. You look at it so much you didn't even realize it had so many angles.

Sometimes you have amazing insights which relieve tremendous amounts of emotional pain. After months or years of therapy you leave, feeling better, hopefully happier, but there is still something not quite right. (That's why you're still reading!)

You can relieve emotional pain ... without drugs.

Imagine living life with joy and ease, having the love, work and things you want and need. Can you imagine feeling a deep peace and joy throughout the day?

This can be yours.

I have tools which can move you faster and more deeply to healing than ever before ... and without drugs of any kind.

Read about the various therapy modalities available to you.


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